Jai's ARPG Rollers

Hello! I'm Jai, and I've made three simple frameworks of the most common ARPG rollers: the Breeding roller, the RNG geno roller, and the Activity roller.

Everything in these three rollers is open source, meaning my code can be opened, studied, and copied freely (with credit please!) Currently only the Activity roller is commented with explanations.

If coding is not your strong suit and you do not have a dedicated ARPG coder, I also offer (relatively) cheap ARPG Roller commissions based on my roller framework!

This free ARPG resource is offered to smaller ARPGs only. I only ask that large-scale ARPGs please do not partake in this resource, as you can afford your own coders. There is no penalty for large-scale ARPGs using my code, but please keep in mind that you have more group-income than smaller and/or beginning ARPGs.
Thank you <3

Coded by Seabird